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Anna Magruder

I understand how much your pets mean to you, because mine have meant a lot to me.

Your pets are your family, and their comfort is important to them and to you. That’s why I specialize in pet care in your home. When pets stay at home in their safe, secure environment, surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds, they are spared the trauma of travel or unfamiliar environments. I also know that your pets’ schedules are important, so following their regular diet and exercise routines is a priority for me.

One of the things that’s unique about me is that I like to play. I know it is difficult for animals when their people are away, and I bring as much joy, happiness, and play to my time with your pets as I can.

My Services include:

Day, evening, and overnight care in client's home; medication administration (general); house sitting; plant/home care; dog walks; pooper scooper service; pet taxi.

NAPPS Certification

               NAPPS Certified 2022


Anna Magruder  |  971.255.9928  |